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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Power within you

I am not a professional writer. This is first time while I am writing something. Flow will be not proper and some grammatical mistake can also be possible. But I am here for learning from my kind readers. if you have any suggestion please delight me by your comment.

You will be surprise from the title of this story. I also don't know why I choose this title. I feel that is related to life of the boy about which I am going to tell you. This is a real story of a child who was having a dream of being a very famous personality. He wants to be a scientist but unfortunately or fortunately he became a software engineer.Currently he is 28 year old but he is having lot of energy and lot of confidence. That guy was very stupid and sometime very mischievous. For making things interesting I am dividing this story in chapters. So get ready for visiting his childhood.result for MH CET